rotumans in south australia

...noa'ia 'e ma'uri...

 ...Noa'ia ‘e mauri  ma

G'Day from SA Great...


“…A’pumua’akia te’ ne famor atakoa. Hanis se iris sasigi…” 1 Peter 2:17

“…Gou vahia te’ net e ‘atakoa, ‘e ia ne a’ne’ne’akia gou…” Filipai 4:13  




ü  To bring Rotumans in South Australia together to share our culture and heritage.

ü  Promote activities to develop and foster our Community Spirit.

ü  To assist our island of Rotuma and our Rotuman people.

ü  To maintain contact with all Rotuman Communities.

Why the website…???

Rotumans have been known to travel far and wide globally, so the intention of this website is to bring together all our relies (kai’nagas) and friends (kaumanea’gas) not only in South Australia but also from around the world. It is also an opportunity for our South Aussie Rotumans and kai’nagas visiting this great state we call home, to be able to get in touch with each other online and eventually offline…so to all our kai’nagas out there-do get online, surf through the site, register yourselves and tell us what’s happening…

What goes on in SA…!!!

The Rotuman Community of South Australia is small, possibly numbering close to fifteen families within the metropolitan area. We do not have a structured stand-alone association so events and gatherings are basically planned amongst the individual families.

Who’s who…!!!

The first Rotuman family kato’aga was held on Rotuma Day, celebrated on the 12 May 2007 at Civic Park, Modbury, South Australia and was the brainchild of long time Adelaide businessman Mr Douglas Kaipara. This turned out to be a success with very encouraging feedback from the Rotuman community and it is envisaged that gatherings such as this will be an annual event.

Where to from here…!!!

ü  Scroll through the web pages and feel free to give us some feedback as we strive to better the site and make it more user friendly.

ü  This is your site-please fill in the pages with news, photos, events-infact whatever you may wish to share with your kai’nagas. These may be forwarded via contact email.



Pssst...figalelei ma fure'i email ne 'ea se aus kainaga webesite te'isi ...

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